Teacup Poodles+ Mini Poochons

Hey guys! Today I will be telling you how cute poochons and teacup poodles  are, How small they are and more. So if you searched on youtube mini poodles you’ll find super cute videos of them trust me I ‘ve looked. You can also find some pictures of  those dogs  obviously on google images. You should really look it up.

Mini poodles are very expensive, around 2,000$- 2,500$, it weighs 2.5- 3.5 lbs, it depends how much it weighs for the price. When the dog is an adult it is still super small, it’s unbelievable!. Most people say when they are little you should a obedience coach some of that sort.

Now I will talk about Poochons. They’re super cute also. Their weight is about 3 to 6 kg and they are 35 to 45 cm. They don’t shed so if your parents are worried of the fur coming off that’s a option.


The Boy on the Porch

Hey readers!

So, the twentieth of March we had library, for an English book I chose a book called ‘’The Boy on the Porch’’. This book is written by Sharon Creech. It’s a one hundred fifty-one paged book. You might be shocked but it has fifty chapters, well it’s short chapters like sometimes two pages and other chapters may have more pages then the other but not a lot. This book is recommended for ages eight to twelve years old.


A young couple found a boy on their porch sleeping, Marta stayed with the boy until he woke up. He was asleep for several hours as long as they knew. Marta fell asleep while holding the. Eventually the boy woke up, with his hand on Marta’s face and she woke. She asked the boy if he was hungry some of that sort but he doesn’t answer. In the book, it seemed to me he didn’t know how to speak, he only tapped. Maybe you know why he doesn’t speak and about the tapping or is he shy? please leave a comment about that if you possibly have an answer.


Marta was quite fond of the boy, well really in the book you figure out the name so I’ll tell you his name is Jakob. I have my suspicions of their beagle always around the boy he knew him so to figure that out I would have to read more of this book. On the cover of the library book it’s blur to me what is next to him, is it the beagle or a bag. Can you give your opinion what you think it is next to him on the cover?


This is a really great book and I hope one day you can read this and enjoy it like I am. If you already read this book I would love to hear your criteria.

Bye readers!

Hoped you liked my writing!

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Hey readers!, I’ve looked at three awesome blogs and I left one comment on each of them. The first comment I left was to Adrianna, Adrianna is from USA California. My second went to A$HTON’$ BLOG, he’s from USA Pansylvania. My last blog that I left was Olivia’s blog, She’s from USA California.

Adrianna- http://afascinatingblogbyadrianna.edublogs.org/

That brick that fell on your head must of really hurt. That specific day shouldn’t have been a good day at all. Thank you for commenting on my blog, thanks a lot !

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A$HTON- http://blog.elanco.org/martin3z3/page/3/

I am not big about sports but that’s pretty interesting facts in there. You must have done a big research on Antonio Brown, you even put how much he weighed.




Hi Olivia,

I absolutely love dogs. You’re so lucky to have an old sheep dogs. Well I have a royal poodle named Cleo she is so goofy. That is such a beautiful story, it feels my heart with happiness. Keep up the good work and I want hear more about your dog!


Daisy Online

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Student Blog Challenge

Hi bloggers and readers, I am competing in The Student Blog Challenge. I will be telling you about The Student Blog  Challenge. It’s a really fun way to learn new words by reading other students’ blogs and we practice our own vocabulary.

You can always find something to read, something you enjoy reading. Reading on the blog is a fun way to read because you can find different sizes of post for your enjoyment.

When you comment, you are communicating with others. It’s like computer buddies except you don’t really meet them. You can be commenting to anyone in the world. We also get better at using a computer.

See ya!